Thomas "Breeze" Marcus' Hohokam Canal System

This month, Jackalope Ranch opened its first curated exhibition, You Are Here: A Collection of Maps of Phoenix, at Regular Gallery. While you still have a chance to check out the show, which will be up until November 12, we'll give you a little background on each creation. 
mural by Thomas Marcus Breeze, photos by Claire Lawton
We spoke with Monica Aissa Martinez, Safwat SaleemDavid Quan, Sarah Hurwitz and Sue Chenoweth; this afternoon, local artist Thomas "Breeze" Marcus answers a few questions about his mural map of Phoenix, which you can check out on Regular Gallery:

1. What were the inspirations for your map? 
The inspiration for the mural map is based off of a late 1920s Archaeological map of the Hohokam canal system and ancient village sites. It has the original names of some of the local mountain ranges which are written out in the O'odham language.

mural by Thomas "Breeze" Marcus, photo by Claire Lawton
2. Give us a childhood memory of a map. 
I remember when I was about 7 or 8, My great grandmother in Oklahoma had a world map on her wall, and it had all these little colored pins stuck into each country and city that her and my great grandfather had been in their lifetime. Their were button everywhere, from Central and South America to all over Europe. 

3. Do you think maps and cartography are important? Why? 
How else are we gonna find that buried treasure? 

4. What are your map's boundaries and how did you choose them? 
My boundaries I chose are the greater Phx area... Mesa to the Salt River Community, Scottsdale, to Glendale, West Phx, South Mtn and back down to Chandler. 

5. Would you create another map? 
Of course.

See Breeze's work, along with pieces by Safwat SaleemMelinda BergmanMonica Aissa MartinezAngela Cazel JahnMarshall Shore, Sarah Hurwitz, Sue ChenowethCarrie Marilland Luster Kaboomvisit Regular Gallery during gallery hours (Fridays from 6 to 9 p.m. and Saturdays from 1 to 5 p.m.) or email for a private showing. 

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Mr. Watusi
Mr. Watusi

Honestly,in one sense,this is the most relevant mural in central Phx right now,it's just my opinion,but this is really important, in Phoenix we are on O'odham lands.with all respect and not trying to spam,check the facebook page "Protect South Mountain"

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