The One-Gallon Hip Flask ... Just in Time for the Holiday Season (with Family)

one-gallon-hip-flask.jpg via Lost at E Minor
If Mom's decided to pull out the family photo album in front of the new girlfriend, Dad's lit the melted 'mallows on fire, and the dog rushed the front door just in time for the turkey to hit the ground, there's no need to stress -- you've packed your one-gallon hip flask

Built to hold five 750ml bottles-worth of your favorite hard liquor or boozy concoction, the one-gallon hip flask may not easily fit in your back pocket or the duct tape pseudo-garter belt you crafted in high school, but it does slip into a backpack, or perhaps down the front of your pants (now, that's some festive stuffing). 

So take a lap, stop into the hallway closet, and grasp with both hands for a direct pull; with the help of this 2.5lb, $79.95 life vest, this holiday season's going to be a doozy. 

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