SMoCA's ARTISTS on ARTISTS Presents "Dynamic Duos" with Presentations by Local Creative Couples

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arc of departure - carol ps 2.jpg
"Arc of Departure" by Carol Panaro-Smith and James Hajicek
​Thank goodness for creative power couples -- especially the ones who've decided to settle in Phoenix. 

These duos have created art galleries, revamped neighborhoods, and supported the local art scene. And on December 8, they'll tell you how they do it. 

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art's annual ARTISTS on ARTISTS discussion series is back with an event curated by local artists and SMoCA Artist Advisory Council members Peter Bugg and William LeGoullon

Legoullon says the event schedule is fairly laid back; ceramicist Jeremy Bridell and multimedia artist Cyndi Coon, photographers and co-founders of Art Intersetion James Hajicek and Carol Panaro-Smith, and painters Anne and Jerry Schutte will discuss what they do, how they collaborate -- and how they're still together -- for a live audience. 

"In addition to finding creative couples, [Bugg] and I wanted to bring in a variety of artistic medium," says Legoullon. "These couples are bridging the gaps between fine art and commercial work and have interesting dynamics within and outside of their own artwork."

The event, which starts at 7 p.m., is free and will be followed by a casual conversation time in SMoCA's new lounge at 7374 E. 2nd Street. More info here

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