Mesa's Evermore Nevermore to Close in December

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Tedd Roundy
Evermore Nevermore
In 2009, Bob and Debbie Leeper brought their geeky sensibilities and steampunk addictions to Mesa and set up Evermore Nevermore at 127 W. Main Street on Halloween night. 

Two years later, they've decided to close up shop. 

"It is with gut-wrenching sadness and overwhelming regret that we announce that on December 14, Evermore Nevermore will be nevermore," the two anounced on their website this morning. "While we feel we still have so much to give, and that we're just getting started, we simply don't have the financial means to continue this venture. Over the next two weeks we will be selling-off either the EN business as a whole, or our merchandise and fixtures, and closing our doors for the last time."

The quirky business, known for its collection of locally crafted comic books, leather bracers and chain maille, Steampunk sculptures, corsets, T-shirts and accessories, joined the ranks of Mesa's growing and evolving geek community. 

In our first post about the store's opening, Wynter Holden wrote that the name Evermore Nevermore was a nod to Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven, because crows/ravens gather unusual items for use in their nests just as Evermore's owners hunt down treasures for the store. 

Wynter Holden
A shot from Evermore Nevermore's Zombie Bikini Contest
​But after two years of hunting, gathering, and hosting Steampunk Street events, Encredicon, zombie fashion shows, and Second Fridays, the couple writes that the economy is ultimately to blame. 

"We started Evermore Nevermore with very meager finances and on a wing and a prayer, and we've been up against obstacles that the best conceived businesses in the world would have trouble overcoming, including the recession and poor economy, downtown Mesa corruption & collusion, politics and pettiness, imitators and thieves, halfway-house bums and addicts, and a location that often resembled a ghost town. With stubborn determination we've given this venture absolutely everything we have, including our life-savings, thousands of unpaid hours, the happiness and well-being of our family, our health, and we've incurred an enormous amount of debt that will haunt us for many years beyond our closing." 

While they'll continue to organize Steampunk Street and support Mesa's Second Fridays, the owners are currently hoping to sell all merchandise before their December closing date and have also offered the shop and business to serious offers. 

Read the Leepers' letter here and stay tuned for more information.

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Evermore Nevermore - CLOSED

127 W. Main St., Mesa, AZ

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Tasha McEntire
Tasha McEntire

Bob and Debbie did AMAZING things for Downtown Mesa and they and EN will be sorely missed. I hope they really do continue to help for Second Fridays and come visit and keep in touch. Hopefully they have inspired the other businesses to communicate and work together and plan fun things that bring people to Downtown Mesa. I love them like family and they have inspired me in my own life and I am forever grateful for them. Shame on those who are too immature to follow through and stick things out and spread hurtful things. While EN may be closing, what they started...that seed they planted will continue to grow into something amazing.


I love how there's no mention of Amanda Tucker in this article. For those of you who don't know her, she's the daughter of Debbie Leeper. She also MADE Evermore Nevermore what it was and without her that place would have closed long before now.

Amanda was suppost to be a full partner in this so called buisness. The truth is she was NEVER a true partner. She had 33% ownership while Bob and Debbie had 67%. She was always overruled. She worked 12 hours a day, six days a week and wasn't never paid a salary. She brought in most of the consignment and organized all the events. Oh, and she almost lost her house during this ordeal. Awsome right? There's more.

In the end Amanda had to make the hard choice and walk away. Debbie choose to side with  Bob rather then her own daughter. Both Debbie and Bob attempted to lock Amanda out of the business and sell all of her materials. Lucky, that didn't happen. Amanda got all of her clothing and she is better off now.

You want to know why this great place closed down? Read the names in the first sentence. Enough said.


I am very sad to hear this, although I know firsthand how difficult it is to make a go of it in Mesa...but Amanda is a genius of a designer and manufacturer of unique clothing and accessories (not to mention a great makeup artist) and she'll be successful in all her future work!


Location, location,location.  Just my opinion but anything even remotely out of the boxwill fail in Mesa.  Even their rather conservative big art center has not really done well.In all cases it is partly the economy but even so, if there is any big "event" in Mesa,it doesn't draw well due to the fact that is no where in downtown Mesa for a meal andheaven forbid a drink.


Are you kidding me? Those who are too immature? Someone doesn't have a clue what was really going. Same on you for being judgmental when you don't know that whole story.

Luis Montes
Luis Montes

When was the last time you were in downtown?  There's plenty of food options, and Evermore Nevermore isn't the only thing "out of the box".  Monsterland, Heatsync Labs, The Royale and others aren't your typical places that used to line main street.I do agree about getting a drink though.  Although it's no longer some silly conservative zoning issue. Just needs some bars to setup shop.

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