Midnite Movie Mamacita's Four Favorite Scary Movies of 2011

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Courtesy of Andrea Beesley-Brown
It takes more than just cheap theatrics and cheesy cinematic scare tactics to frighten Andrea Beesley-Brown, co-owner of The Royale in Mesa. 

"I usually don't get scared a lot by movies these days," she says.

It's probably because Beesley-Brown's seen close to a thousand different horror films in her lifetime (they don't call her the "Midnite Movie Mamacita" for nothing) and has built up a major tolerance things that go bump on the silver screen over the past few decades.

So when she gets petrified by a flick, it must be a scary movie indeed. Insidious did that to her, as did The Human Centipede 2 and a couple of other films that she considers to be her favorite of 2011 thus far. 

Beesley-Brown and the rest of the Royale's staff will be trying to arouse a similar response to their patrons over the next few nights as the theater will screen a variety of blood-soaked horror flicks in honor of Halloween (including hosting Friday the 13th actor Kane Hodder on Saturday). Click here for more info on their lineup and read on for Beesley-Brown fave films.

4. Grave Encounters
Twin Engine Films/95 minutes

The plot: The crew of a Ghost Hunters-style reality show investigates an abandoned asylum, only to have the spirits inside start killing them off one by one.
Andrea's take: "Its kinda like a mockumentary, except really freaky. This one is funny in the beginning, because it totally spoofs those Ghost Hunters programs. It does a really good job of making fun of those kinda people, because those guys are total tools with fauxhawks and Affliction t-shirts. Then they actually get stuck in a real haunted house/asylum. People were really freaked out when they saw it. It does a good job of scaring people with the whole 'found footage' trend."

3. The Silent House (La Casa Muda)
Tokio Films/86 minutes

The plot: In this Spanish-language horror film based on a true story, a father and daughter travel to the country to fix up an old house inhabited by spirits that don't want to be disturbed.
Andrea's take: "It's pretty creepy and has a nice reveal at the end. The whole gimmick is that it's supposedly done in one shot, so there's no cuts in-between scenes. It has a really creepy soundtrack and was really good at pacing and building tension."

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