Local Female Artists Join Forces in "Women's Room" at Bragg's Pie Factory

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cindy schnackel painting_braggs_sized.jpg
A painting by artist Cindy Schnackel, in the "Women's Room" exhibit
This past First Friday, an exhibit of all female artists called "Women's Room" opened at Bragg's Pie Factory. The exhibit (curated by Phoenix New Times contributor Robrt Pela) highlighted works in a variety of media by 14 artists, including Phoenix art scene veteran Annie Lopez.

"It was a good time," Lopez says of the opening reception. "A lot of people showed up...it reminded me of 'old home' week, seeing people that I've known forever."

Lopez is referring to "Women's Room" artists like Mollie Kellogg, Linda Ingraham, and Janet DeBerge Lange, all of whom have been making art in the Valley for years.

Bragg's Pie Factory owner Beatrice Moore says the show, which will remain open until September 23 with another reception on Friday, September 16, is important for the local arts scene. "I don't see a lot of shows geared toward women artists," she says. "Some of these women artists are older, they've been working for years, and it's great their work is getting showcased."

Lopez, along with her husband Jeff Falk, has been involved in the Phoenix art scene since the mid-1980s. Her pieces in the "Women's Room" show consists of three cyanotype prints, each including real breakup letters she kept under her bed for years and flowers from her garden. She says she got a lot of questions about the letters at the First Friday reception.

"People come over to Grand [Avenue] to take a deep breath and talk to the artists," she says. "I had a lot of questions about my work. My work is very personal. People were asking if the love letters were for real."

In addition to showing and discussing her own works, one highlight of the "Women's Room" show for Lopez has been seeing the work of other artists. "I love Linda Ingraham's work, and Janet De Berge's work. I was happy to see Mollie Kellogg's work - I've known her for 150 years from Planet Earth theatre," Lopez says.

Some of Moore's favorite works in the show include DeBerge Lange's quilted melted pieces ("They have a crafty element to them," she says), and Irma Sanchez's sugar skulls. But the "Women's Room" show isn't just for veteran artists. "Some of the artists in the show, I'm frankly not familiar with," Moore says.

One of the emerging artists in the show is painter Kathy Taylor, who creates acrylic on canvas renderings of horses. Lately, she's been focused on Tudor horses. "I think they're mystical, symbolic, spiritual-type horses," Taylor says. "The Tudor ones have a British flair."

Taylor says she might attend the next show reception on September 16; Lopez says she plans to be there, too. "There were a lot of new people I hadn't seen before," Lopez says of the first reception. "And I like talking to people about my work."

"Women's Room: Art by Phoenix's Premier Female Artists" features works by Annie Lopez, Shari Bombeck, Janet De Berge Lange, Linda Ingraham, Jenny Ignakowski, Mollie Kellogg, Arlene Meyer, Irma Sanchez, Patricia Sahertian, Diane Sanborn, Cindy Schnackel, Kathy Taylor, Joan Waters, and Katherine Zsolt. There will be a Third Friday reception on September 16; the exhibit will remain open until September 23 at Bragg's Pie Factory, 1301 Grand Avenue. Call 602-320-8445 for more information.

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