Steve-O Talks Jackass, Stand-up Comedy, Ryan Dunn, Johnny Knoxville, and Being Sober

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Jackass superstar Steve-O has both seen it all and done it all: He's had his privates bitten by a poisonous snake, taken a ride in a catapulted outhouse, and even set himself ablaze. And all in the name of entertainment.

So does that mean the 36-year-old daredevil's three-night gig at Stand Up Live starting this Thursday will consist of nothing but similar shenanigans? Yes and no, he admits.

While Steve-O might pull off a stunt or two by the end of the evening, his stand-up sets will mostly consist of "a bunch of stories about raunchy shit and adventures I had when I was getting wasted."

It's almost a form of therapy for the now-sober stuntman, who's been clean for three years and is turning the appearances he's making on his "Entirely Too Much Information Tour" into hilarious confessionals about all his misadventures.

Jackalope Ranch recently spoke with Steve-O about the tour, as well as how he's dealing with the death of Jackass castmate Ryan Dunn, and other topics.

What's you're stand-up comedy like? Is it stunts mixed with comedy?
I wouldn't say it's a lot stunts, but, yeah, I always feel like I was letting people down if I didn't do some outrageous shit at the end of my show. I do stand up comedy and then I do some stunts and tricks at the end.

Why did you decide to get into stand-up comedy?
I got into it kinda randomly five years ago. Somebody invited me to get on stage at a comedy club in Los Angeles, and it occurred to me right away I couldn't do anything crazier than to try standup. I sat around thinking about things I could do to get laughs. [When] I got on stage, I told everybody I was in the mood for a blow job and asked if anyone wanted one. People laughed at that and I just said some ridiculous shit and I got some legitimate laughs and right away.

So you found a new career?
I was pretty much hooked on the idea. I thought, "Wow, like imagine being able to entertain people without having to hurt myself." That's like such a bitching idea. So I stuck with it and ultimately about a year ago I started getting offers to be a headliner. At that point I thought, "Man, I don't know how I'm going to let anybody sell tickets to a Steve-O show if I'm going to stand there and talk the whole time." So I started doing some stunts, but have been working really hard so I'm making it more about comedy than stunts. But at the same time, I don't know how to entirely give up the crazy shit.

What are some of the stunts you do at your gigs?
I don't think it makes sense to tell everybody what to expect, but I will say that I teach everybody how to get drunk for free in bars. That's a really awesome part of the show.

What sort of jokes are you cracking?
There's a lot of filthy stories about the most outrageous stuff that's happened with groupies over the years, so a lot of sex shit. It's all based on real experiences that I've had. I also go into a little bit about how ridiculous my drug problems were -- it would be the elephant in the room if I didn't address the lifestyle changes I've made -- and there's a lot about the ways that Jackass changed my life.

Is stand-up comedy harder than daredevil stunts?
I wouldn't say it's harder, if you look at my history before Jackass and before any of that stuff like I was a circus clown. I graduated from Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Clown College in 1997. And I had a career as a circus clown. It was the last day that I performed in the circus, within half an hour of washing off my clown makeup I was puking up a goldfish. And it was the same circus that I was in that I got all the elephant poo from that I jumped in on Jackass. And literally as soon as Jackass came out on TV, just about right away, I started touring around with my "Don't try this at home" Tour, where I would do all the crazy stunts and drunken rambling on stage. This tour is similar to that, if you sort of subtract the drunken rambling and replace it with standup comedy you would pretty well have what I am up to today.

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Was it bad huh? We were going to buy tickets!


Would you please do a follow-up story and interview people who actually PAID money to see this guy? Seriously? I wish him the best, but jesus cristo- what a waste of money and time. Wow, you stapled your sac to your thigh- bravo. Ninja Please.

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