Paper Valentines for Edinburgh's Literary World

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This week, organizers of Edinburgh's International Book Festival found a few mysterious treasures in the festival tents.

The paper sculptures have been appearing in Edinburgh's libraries and book stores -- each with a small note, left anonymously by a book-loving creative.

"There has been much speculation about the origins of these beautiful creations," book festival representatives wrote on their blog, Wednesday. "Despite the fact that the Book Festival was buzzing with people today, nobody witnessed the sculptures being left and so, for now at least, the mystery continues. All we do know is that we're delighted to be the lucky recipient of such a unique and extraordinary gift."

Not much is known about the unnamed paper artist. But he or she (they?) has also left sculptures with notes of appreciation in the Scottish Poetry Library, The Filmhouse, and the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

See more pictures on Edinburgh's Central Station or the International Book Festival club blogs.

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Sue Mattson
Sue Mattson

Perhaps that anonymous sculptor paid tribute to those who still love to read books in these times of e-books and blogs. I actually miss those times when people went to the public library to read.

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