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Courtesy of monOrchid
"Loft 2"
Run out of space to work on your latest project or looking for a spot to to organize your local business? Take note: monOrchid is looking for renters.

Three spots in the building on Roosevelt Row are available immediately. Owner Wayne Rainey says the spaces can be used as creative studios or office space.

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Courtesy of monOrchid
"Office 2"
"Office 2" is 200 sq feet and rent is $550 per month, including utilities. "Loft 1" is also 200 sq feet and rent is $475 per month, including utilities. "Loft 2" (pictured above) is 900 sq feet and rent is $1250 per month, including utilities.

"Loft 1"
The space, at 214 E.Roosevelt St, is 14,000 sq feet was originally built in 1937 by Del Webb, and has since been renovated to include an open exhibition space, offices and studios, a conference room, two photo cycloramas, and a restroom.

Current tenants include Rainey Studios, mark ryan studio, Flo Design, Barbey Photo Arts, and Visionyard Studios Photography to name a few.

The space also features monthly exhibitions by monOrchid Artist Collective members including Nikki Aiello, Randy Zucker, Mike Carson, Sandra Whyman, and Estavan Balderas, as well as independent shows by local artists.

For more information, call Rainey at (602) 499-4013

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214 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ

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