Daylife Saturdays at Spanish Fly: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Ryan Wolf
Three signs of a fashionably good Daylife Saturdays pool party: An aquatic arsenal of squirt guns, smiling faces, and having all the ingredients you need to start a wet T-shirt contest.
​The Summer's nonstop barrage of pool parties continued this weekend at Spanish Fly Mexican Beach Club. Daylife Saturdays hit the Old Town Scottsdale hotspot with a bevy of beach bodies, beverages, and DJ Roach beats.

The Good's above, the Bad and Ugly are after the jump and all the rest of the pool party pics are right here...

photo by Ryan Wolf
Two signs of a fashionably bad Daylife Saturdays pool party: The couple who either can't swim or who aren't as funny as they think they are.
photo by Ryan Wolf
One sign of a fashionably ugly Daylife Saturdays pool party: Trying way too hard while posing poolside with your Corona Tall Boys.

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Spanish Fly - CLOSED

4341 N. 75th St., Scottsdale, AZ

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