Sean On Ice Comedy at The IceHouse Tavern

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Looking for something to do this weekend? "Night Owl" is a quick guide to special nights at bars and clubs around town. We'll give you a few hints re: cover, dress code, music and atmosphere. Wednesdays mark Sean On Ice Comedy at The IceHouse Tavern. 
Ryan Wolf
Sean On Ice Comedy hosted by Sean McCarthy, in the middle, at The IceHouse Tavern.
Bellying up to the bar at The IceHouse Tavern features a rink-level view of Arcadia Ice Arena. While Sean On Ice doesn't feature too many belly laughs, it does offer hockey-inspired cocktails and a handful of free jokes. The evening includes short sets by up and coming comedians and comediennes hosted by local comic Sean McCarthy.

Check out a slideshow of the latest installment here and a full rundown after the jump...

Ryan Wolf
The IceHouse Tavern is attached to Arcadia Ice Arena.
​​​The Place:
3855 E. Thomas Rd., Phoenix, AZ, 85018

The Time: Every Wednesday, 8:30 - 11 p.m.

The Cover: None. 

Ryan Wolf
One of the many hockey-inspired cocktails.
The Bar: Sean On Ice Comedy doesn't include any specific drink specials but the regular menu is filled with relatively cheap hockey-inspired cocktails such as the $6.50 fruity Knock Me Down and the $6 Puck U, which is a tropical take on cranberry vodka. The $4 Monsoon is the biggest bargain but the haphazard blend of vodka, rum, melon liqueuer, Blue Curacao and cranberry is about as pleasant as getting caught in one. 

Ryan Wolf
Jason M. Williams at Sean on Ice.
The Comedy: Host Sean McCarthy's material is a little hacky but he has a good energy and keeps the event moving by not letting any of the other comics stay on stage too long without a laugh. The rest of the comics change from week to week. Jerry Friestad and Day Day of The Internet Champs, a local podcast, are regulars at this funny freezer. Another regular and the cleverest comic of the evening, Jason M. Williams, received one of the chillier receptions at this weekly chuckle-fest. First timers are also welcome, such as Josh Dent, who was yanked offstage after a set that consisted of one joke and a striptease. 

Ryan Wolf
Josh Dent at Sean On Ice.
The Style: Not Applicable. Wear whatever you want. 

The People: The bar area included a few barflys and hockey types but most people were there for the jokes. McCarthy and the rest of the comics aren't afraid to involve the innocent bystanding audience. If you don't have a sense of humor about yourself this may not be the show for you. 

What we loved: We wouldn't exactly call ourselves hockey fans but the barside ice rink gives the tavern a cool and original atmosphere. 

What we didn't love: Nestled behind a Walmart and a movie theatre, this tavern gives new meaning to the cliche of location, location, location. It's pretty much impossible to find for newcomers.

Are we going back: Not for the entire thing, but yeah. 

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