50 Reasons Why Arizona is the Best State in the Country

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Arizona Love, inked.

​Our Arizona-hating friends at hit-hungry Gawker completed their countdown of the worst states in America this morning. We weren't surprised by their hometown pick for the best state, and we're even less surprised we're at the bottom.

It's all true -- they could thank Arizona for dishing out a variety of daily content, including continuing SB1070 drama, boycotts, political scandals, and camera-crazy law enforcement officials. Shit, we had a guy shoot himself right in the penis in a parking lot a few weeks ago.

Instead of a card, we got a kick in the balls. But here's a thought, Gawker: we're not the worst state. Actually, we'd like to lobby for the cheap and default No. 50 spot you gave New York.

Here are 50 reasons why:

50. Even New Yorkers say we have the best pizza in the country.

49. We were quick to the punch -- the second state to name an official state gun. Ours? the Colt Single Action Army.

48. There's inspiration in the desert (and we're not just talking about peyote).

47. Hear of that sheriff who makes his inmates wear pink boxers and eat bologna while he's busy capturing illegal immigrants on tanks and arresting local journalists? Yeah, so have we.

46. Our sunsets are pretty spectacular.

45. Northern Arizona houses the world's No. 1 Anthrax research lab.

44. We're home to jumping cacti and mirages -- and we have the country's largest lodge pole pine forest.

43. Phoenix is home to the largest indoor laser tag arena in the world.

42. We understand the reason for a town named "Why." Also one called "Carefree."

41. Our backyard scorpions could take on your rats any day of the week. 

40. We make our own lakes.

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