Season Preview: Local and International Artwork Comes to Phoenix Art Museum

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Phoenix Art Museum
Images from Theatre de la Mode, Pure Photography, and a detail from Fernando Castillo's The Black Cat.

​Summer's cool in the galleries of Phoenix Art Museum, where exhibitions are open to the public daily (and for free on First Fridays and with a culture pass). There are just a few weeks left to check out what's currently on view, and a just a few weeks left until the museum unveils another collection of world-class artwork.

Check out what to see now and what to get excited about below ... 

What to check out now

Théâtre de la Mode 
is what happens when miniature couture meets elaborate theatrical sets. The original collection of outfits presented by France's premiere couturiers premiered in Paris right after World War II. The sets were created by the best theatre designers in the city and the mannequins were made to half-human scale; the garment industry may have been short of resources but not of ideas. The collection toured the world and on display until July 31 are three restored sets of the original twelve. 

Pure Photography, Post Production and Mixed Media 

​Throughout the history of photography, the purpose of the negative image has been a point of heated contention. Some photographers believe that the negative is sacred, not to be tampered with or altered in any way. They hold that the photographer's skill is reflected in his or her ability to create the perfect picture with no processing besides development.Others treat the negative as a starting point to create visual art through the use of darkroom and digital editing. For this second group, the negative is crucial but not sufficient. A final school of thought exists, the adherents of which intentionally revolt against the pure photograph, damaging and altering negatives beyond recognition to create mixed media masterpieces. Check out examples and learn about all three approaches at the 45-image exhibition until August 14.

Modern Mexican Painting - This astounding exhibition of 80 paintings from the Abdrés Blaisten collection captures the golden age of Mexican modern art, from 1910 to 1950. Here you will find work by Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, José Clemente Orozco, and Fernando Castillo as well as over forty other artists. The works are organized in seven themes and the exhibition is accompanied by lectures, film screenings and other special programs open to the public. On display until September 25

Coming up ...

The Bridge at Hoover Dam: Photographs by Jamey Stillings 

Love the new bridge over the Hoover Dam? So does Jamey Stillings. Between 2009 and 2010, Stillings tracked the construction of the magnificent bridge, returning to the site repeatedly to capture fresh perspectives.

hoover dam.jpg
Jamey Stillings
The bridge over Hoover Dam

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