Melt With You: Butter vs. Margarine on a Jesus Plate

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Equipped with a tripod, Flip camera, and several gallons of water, we teamed up with New Times photographer Jamie Peachey to document exactly how long it takes some common household objects take to dissolve when exposed to blazing solar rays.

Butter is no match for either a hot skillet or the sweltering sunlight. Ditto for margarine, as both tasty bread spreads will quickly melt when exposed to any heat source.

It took just under an hour for a stick of either substance to become pools of golden goo covering a kooky plastic Jesus plate we found at a local discount store.

Watch our time-lapse video of the Christian savior getting sauteed by butter and margerine after the jump...

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Not cool .. should have used a plain white plate. 


which one is which on the plate?  is the butter on the right?

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