Carol Panaro-Smith and James Hajicek's Arc of Departure

arc of departure - carol ps 2.jpg
Carol Panaro-Smith and James Hajicek
Artists: Carol Panaro-Smith and James Hajicek 
Medium: Photogenic Drawing

James (Hajicek) and I are probably the only Arizonians that pray for 115 plus degree weather. We only make photogenic drawings on the hottest days of the year. The combination of heat and cloudless skies produce some of the most spectacular colors.

Our process is simple-take fresh botanicals, coat paper with a solution of salt and silver, place the botanical in contact with the paper, place glass over it and expose the light sensitive paper in the direct sun for 4 to 24 hours. The plant makes an image of itself, no camera or film needed.
The countdown to Best of Phoenix continues! Last year, we profiled 100 Creatives who made a mark on the local arts scene. This year, we'll have 100 creative representations of Phoenix.  No scope or requirement on medium or size -- we'll include photography, painting, sculpture, video, installation, literary, and more. What do you see when you Imagine PHX?

Imagine PHX, so far: 
100: Steven Revering's Westward Ho
99: Jon Ashcroft's Suspended in Geography
98: William LeGoullon's Table
97. Jason Hill's Phoenix Financial Center89. Arnold Guerrero's Camelback Mountain
88. Sean Deckert's Ginae vs. the 12th Street Gang
87. Pete Petrisko's Admiral of Phoenix
86. Quincy Ross' Lone Skyscraper
85. Andrew Armstrong's Illustrated Cityscape
84. Thomas Schultz's Phoenix Artifact
83. Adrian Lesoing's N. Evergreen
82. Suzanne Falk's Kon Tiki Hotel
81. Lindz Lew's Bon Voyeur
80. Kevin Patterson's Phoenix Swamp Beast
79. Ramy Sidarous' Three Windows
78. Will Mejia's Orpheum Theatre
77. Steve Weiss' Portrait of Louis Lee
76. Larry Willis' Apparition on East McDowell
75. Claire Warden's Untitled No. 3
74. Randy Zucker's Dancing Saguaro
73. Robert Brandan Martinez's Medical Cannabis Tax Stamp
72. Edward Jensen's Phoenix Financial Center70. Mark Dudlik's Phoenix Rebound66. Eric Iwersen's The Saguaros Have Been Here the Longest

And, hey! It's lunch time. Check out Chow Bella's 100 Favorite Dishes for some foodie inspiration. 

Have a suggestion for a Phoenix icon by a local creative? Leave it in the comments section or email

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Wayne Michael Reich
Wayne Michael Reich

Hi Claire, still ducking the critics, I see.

Why have you not answered the question asked by a reader about your # 95 pick: Allison Elliott's Walls of Downtown Phoenix?

Since I've already won ten bucks betting against your ability to handle/answer criticism, I'm really hoping you keep hiding under Amy Silverman's skirt.

What can I say?

You've been buying me lunch- and I could get used to this, so please stay the path of cowardice, if not for me, then do it for Subway.

When you were accused of fabrication in regards to one of your articles by two of NT's readers,  and then gave breezy non answers as a response, it was truly classic, even by NT standards.


Or how about when you trashed those innocent Comicon participants, and you didn't respond to their complaints, proving (yet again) that you have absolutely no idea what a true journalist is supposed to be or do.


Peeps say you're a "nice" person, but I notice they've NEVER defended you as a journalist..hmm, I wonder why.

So... I ask yet again: why are you seemingly incapable of answering criticism from your readership base?

In my case, I DO know why you won't respond, and that's fine by me, since I've written you off as spineless- but that doesn't explain why you fear all those other readers.

So, what excuse are you going to keep hiding behind?

Do you think their criticism is invalid? (Not likely- you're a terrible journalist)

Are you too busy "writing": some other god-awful hyper-linked article to be able to respond?(Most likely)

Are you a coward? (That's where my money continues to ride.)

We're all waiting to find out why, but I think the answer is becoming obvious, don't you? (Ask Amy if you're not sure why. She knows.)


waiting for you to grow a spine,Wayne Michael Reich


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