BS West's Drag Wars 2011

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Photo by Kholood Eid
Sasha Sinclair welcomes a Family Feud contestant during the game at BS West in Scottsdale on Sunday night.

Walking into BS West while the sun was still up was a shock to the system; what's usually a 20-minute walk in the dark (all while waiting for David Bowie to leap from around the corner) ended up being a discovery of Scottsdale's quaint Stetson Plaza.

The atmosphere through the doors of Scottsdale's well-known gay club on Sunday was equally quiet as a small crowd and team of queens wrapped up "Drag Wars 2011" -- a weekend-long marathon of charity fundraising events sponsored by the club. 

"I'm not nearly as drunk tonight as I was last year, so hopefully I'll be able to read the questions," said drag queen Sasha Sinclair, who played hostess during Sunday's "Family Feud."

Photo by Kholood Eid
A Family Feud contestant reacts to a wrong answer during the game at BS West in Scottsdale on Sunday night.
The night's game show, complete with the traditional "Family Feud" theme, took a few creative liberties, of course. Steve Harvey was replaced by two drag queens, Sinclair and Kendra St. James, who looked like they were straight out of a Cato's dressing room and all survey questions had been given to BS West customers.

Each question was prefaced with, "We surveyed 100 homosexuals here at BS West ..."

In typical drag nature, the two hostesses were fierce with sharp comebacks to the game's contestants. 

"All team members, I want your crotch up against this table!" yelled St. James, attempting to keep the "Happy Family" from cheating.

Photo by Kholood Eid
Diva and her teammates react to a correct answer during the game at BS West in Scottsdale on Sunday night.
Not all contestants were in drag, but those in high heels and more makeup than Tammy Faye Baker were the ones worth seeing. 

Honestly, witnessing two drag queens go up against each other in a battle of wits and tits was better than the game show itself. 

Last year's weekend-long drag-queen marathon brought in $8,000 for similar charities and organizations. BS West owner Mike Fornelli said he hopes donations from this weekend -- benefiting Project Hard HatJoshua Tree Feeding Program, and Kindercare Learning Center -- will double last year's efforts.

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