Atherton|Keener's Meadowbrook Residence is for Sale (and the Architects are Staying in Phoenix)

After meeting in architecture school and completing a number of projects together, Cy Keener and Jay Atherton built a space of their own in uptown Phoenix.

They called it the Meadowbrook Residence, which became well-known in the neighborhood for its unique use of material (cement, wood, concrete block, and outdoor screens) as well as its simple aesthetic and use of natural light. And then it landed the cover of Dwell magazine's Dec/Jan 2011 issue.

This afternoon, the house was listed for sale on the Modern Phoenix website, though Keener promises that the duo is staying in town.

"To me, [Meadowbrook] remains one of the most powerful spaces in Phoenix," he says. "And we hope it goes to someone who appreciates it."

Photo by Jamie Peachey
Jay Atherton and Cy Keener
Keener says the two built the house during an unfortunate economic time, but that the sale will enable them work on more projects, both locally and nationwide.

The 1,900 square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bathroom house is in an oleander-lined lot in the Canal North neighborhood of Phoenix.

It's on the market for $425,000. (For more sale details, see the Modern Phoenix website.)

"It'll be weird to see it go, but we hope it goes to a good home," Keener says with a small laugh.

Atherton and Keener's work was recently featured in Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art's Art + Architecture series, is now on display at the University of Texas, El Paso. The two are currently working on an installation that will open in Seattle in September.

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