Adult Swim Pool Party: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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Ryan Wolf
Three signs of a fashionably good Adult Swim pool party: stylish shades, big smiles and a couple of fresh and fruity cocktails waiting poolside.
So one thing is definitely good: Adult Swim is back, er, was back. The hippest of weekly hipster pool parties from the past few summers returned for a one-day bash at the Millennium Resort on Sunday. 

Promoters Jared Alan and Jen Deveroux chose Scottsdale instead of the downtown Phoenix pools of the past, which created a bit of a conflict of styles. We stopped by to do some serious people watching and to take a few fashionable notes.  

The Good's above, the Bad and Ugly are after the jump, and the whole summertime slideshow is right here ...

Ryan Wolf
Two signs of a fashionably bad Adult Swim Pool Party: Two misplaced hipsters, who forgot their swimsuits, lurking in the shadows (and totally ruining the background of an otherwise-great view).
Ryan Wolf
One sign of a fashionably ugly Adult Swim Pool Party: Mixing PBR and what looks like a sewage cocktail before the next round of cannonballs.  

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