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Dulgado Estrada
​"Dugs," "Duggie," or simply Dugaldo Estrada is a creative thinker, art enthusiast, blogger, boyfriend, bartender, fiction writer, college student, and avid doodler. Let us catch our breath while we take it all in, too ... 

It's safe to say that this 29-year-old has a few nicknames and more than a few things keeping him busy.

While finishing up his Creative Writing degree at ASU, Dugs has still found time to bartend at the gay cowboy bar, Charlie's Phoenix and steal our hearts with his blog, Blogaldo.com.

Originally from Southern California, Estrada spent most of his adult life in San Fransisco and three months studying abroad in Madrid. He moved to downtown Phoenix in 2007 and has been spreading his worldly presence and dynamic creativity ever since.
Estrada taught us how to Duggie in Downtown Phoenix for our latest wingman venture. Read about it after the jump.

Nicole Smith
The Meet Up: Without knowing anything or anyone in the plan, I meet Dugaldo at he and his boyfriend's Orpheum Loft apartment in Downtown Phoenix.

Arriving at roughly 11 p.m., I was greeted by a party full of Estrada's closest friends, dressed in wigs and funky clothing and a corner of the room occupied by professional photography
Nicole Smith
Estrada and Seth Anderson
equipment. Duggie tells me he's having what he calls an "art party," a gathering of close friends invited to drink, play dress up and have their photo taken. 

Let's just say, the plan was a pleasant surprise. Especially when realizing that two of Estrada's wig-wearing friends were close friends of my own.

The Company: Aside from Candice Binde and Chavellie Rodriguez, I was introduced to a handful of new faces (ahhh, new faces), including Dugaldo's amazing other half of 7 years, Robert Salcido, Indie Arthouse member Michelle Ponce and local blogger, Seth Anderson.

After enough drinks, dress up and flashing lights, our collective buzz decides a dance party is the next necessity in our evening and only a short walk away to Bar Smith for The Scenario.

Spotted on the rooftop between flailing limbs were a few local faves and Scenario regulars, including Ariel Perez and girlfriend Alexandra Campbell of new after-hours organization, The Official, and local DJ/nightlifer, Julio Foolio.
Thumbnail image for dugschevellie.jpg
Nicole Smith
Duggie, Chavellie and a flailing limb at The Scenario.

Favorite Spots: Bar Smith and Charlie's gets the Duggie seal of approval as well as his Wednesday night favorite, Gallo Blanco to watch Flamenco dancing.

After Bar Smith, Estrada, Salcido and I are the only three left standing. As we walk back to their apartment, they tell me stories of their past about growing up in the same town and their plans for the future. 

Though they plan to eventually make a move to New York, their optimism about Phoenix is nothing short of refreshing and contagious. Estrada says he's inspired daily by Phoenix, often going for walks just to take it all in.

Nicole Smith

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@b844fb7adf595d303f9e37fe66fad0ae:disqus  Puto

@fc1169cb9781f6bbf57a1b69847eb874:disqus Hopefully our porcelain days are behind us but you know I'm always down for an adventure with you in a grocery store, on a metro or fields and dirt roads deep into the boondocks in search of a spiritual healer. I say in the next few months lets collaborate on something fashion related. See you soon.

@cd95593ce45c6a43128b07d9e3dc8bdd:disqus Trannysaurus Rex, Tran wreck, Traaaaaaaanny! You call me adventurous? Half the nights I've had out on the town since I've known you have been with you. From the the Transfer, to the BOC, to the end of days at Trannyshack we happen to know how to close places down I guess. Deco Lounge is still around right? But the San Francisco times were just the beginning buddy. There are bars and beautiful people just waiting for us to make more late night memories with all over the world. And then there's brunch! Miss you trans.

@8295495062e5fd0ef96b08a1e95d8bcb:disqus We ran out of laundry detergent. ; )Love you.

@b306f3c10fc6f216829007f9d95d5be2:disqus Lalo. That shit runs in the family huh!

... Nicole! Thanks again for an awesome post. What fast friends we became on our night out together. Good friends, good music, dancing, art and drinks make for a night to remember but I have to say sitting around at 3am talking writing and dreams with you was the best night cap I could ask for. Keep doing what you're doing and I will to. I have a feeling our paths will be intertwining exponentially. You are fabulous girl.


I have seen Dugaldo 'my little brother" grow up to be an oustanding, creative, caring, artistic man. You ROCK Dug.....

Robert Salcido
Robert Salcido

Nicole we had such a fun time! Feel free to stop by whenevs... PS- I have some great photos of you.


Dug, Dugs, Duggie, Douglass, Dugaldo, my bestie, or my favorite, TRANNY!   And when I say that, I mean he's not a real tranny...yet...or that I know of.  But, it really is a term of endearment just filled with a lot of personal history between two besties.  This tranny is one of the most creative, ambitious, and adventurous people I know!  After reading this, I'm reminded of the good ol' San Francisco times we shared...just a seemingly endless series and marathon of fun, drunken times, serious serious conversation, hot topics, gossip, gay boy issues, more gossip, inside jokes, and plain ol' tickity tack tranny issues.  You inspire me tranny and I love ya!  And shout out to Robert!  The two of you are so ready for NY and I'm excited for your next adventure.


i not only have had the pleasure of living with both robert and doug in the same pink house in sf, where tap dancing and refurbishing found furniture were the original 'art parties'. ive lived with doug individually, weve traveled together, been stuck in a car together and worshiped the porcelain god together a few times.... anyone you can hysterically laugh with in between barfs, is a friend for life. needless to say, dugis can turn a trip to the grocery store into an adventure. his mind always going a mile a minute, half the time his mouth cant keep up. his better half is everything and more, charming his way into your heart with his opposite and lovely go with the flow attitude. together they embody everything we all should aspire to be courages, creative and fun! they swoon everyone! evident by the trail of beautiful women with red lipstick stained lips that they usually have following them around, including this one. the original chicana loca. phoenix, youve been lent a winning pair, but now its new york city that has stories to be told and late nights to be remembered, and you all can follow along in the adventure thru dugis story telling and roberts photographic illustrations and be absolutely green with envy, as you should be. 


Add Putes to that list of nicknames

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