The Five Coolest Things to Check Out at This Weekend's Just Another Desert Party III

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death guild thunderdome.jpg
Courtesy of Death Guild
The Thunderdome, where two people enter, one person leaves, and both get whacked with foam bats.
A lonely swath of vacant desert located on the outer fringes of the Valley of the Sun is going to come alive this weekend with mayhem, madness, and all manner of mechanical carnage. 

The party monsters of Warsaw Pact Entertainment are putting on their annual freakfest Just Another Desert Party starting on Friday night, and it sounds like it's gonna be a helluva underground party. 

The three-day event will have sort of a Burning Man feel with a bizarre bazaar of performances artists, punky and funky creations, and fire-slinging hellions. While the main attraction will undoubtedly be the goofy gladiatorial arena known as Thunderdome, there will be plenty of other freakish fun to experience at JADP. 

Here's are just a few things we can't wait to see ... 

Death Guild's Thunderdome:
It stands nearly 40 feet tall and is built from more than 250 steel beams arranged in the shape of a geodesic dome. Looking very much like a jungle gym on steroids, this imposing structure was created by San Francisco underground art collective Death Guild and was very much inspired by the titular structure in the 1985 flick Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. And just like in the film, participants engage in battle beneath the dome, albeit with foam-covered batons whilst swinging about on bungee harness. Meanwhile, onlookers climb the latticework of steel beams to taunt the combatants. The Thunderdome has been featured at several Burning Mans in the past and is being erected in Arizona for the first time ever

Greathouse Labs' Fighting Robots:
It's long been predicted by futurists that robots equipped with arrays of weaponry will eventually replace gun-toting human soldiers on the battlefields of tomorrow. When that day eventually dawns, we're betting that those armed androids will look something like the fighting robots created by Greathouse Labs. These mechanical mayhem-makers are bristling with destructive devices (including chainsaws and crushing claws) and will square off in an orgy of automaton annihilation.

Bare-Knuckle Fighting:
Although the annual Fight Club put on by the mayhem-makers of Sadisco* isn't happening until a few weeks from now at The Firehouse, anyone who's itching for a little amateur pugilism can prove their manliness inside a makeshift pit made from plywood, cardboard, and chain link fencing.

vanness flamethrowers.jpg

VanNess FX's Flamethrowers:
Fiery blossoms of flame will spew out from the tripod-mounted creations of local gearhead Anthony VanNess. Fueled by propane (and well as the devious imagination of the artist, these flamethrowers will light up the night with an amber glow and probably will singe the eyebrows and arm hair of anyone who doesn't keep a respectable distance. In fact, you might wanna consider busting out your flame-retardant clothing for the event, considering there will also be fire-dancing and poi-slinging happening at JADP as well.

Tunnel of Questionable Enlightenment:
Shimmering rainbow lights are something you'd usually find at underground dance events around the Valley, usually from glowsticks or laser displays. The creators of this illuminated structure take things a few steps further, however, with this "interactive and unpredictable" tunnel of light consisting of more than 20 arches wrapped in glowing LEDs and arranged in the shape of a question mark.


Just Another Desert Party III will take place from Friday night until Sunday morning at a TBA location west of Buckeye. Call 480-772-8696 or visit Warsaw Pact's website for more location info on the days of the event.

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Well, did you mention where it's at, an address, where to find it in the desert? it's a big place out there ya know. Jus sayin. did i miss something in the article?

Cobalt Steel Blue Dream
Cobalt Steel Blue Dream

Dont forget Boxing night Saturday  at the Hells Angels clubhouse at 147 west Mojave at 8pm. its the best party in town. drugs,beer ,meth and free sex for all who show up. and of course a 1%er biker beating in the ring. from your local 81 THE BIG RED MACHINE. 1661


You guys can't find any other way to stay relevant in the public conscience?Every blog there's a comment calling someone out for dumb shit...yeah we get it; you like to prove you have balls, compensating for something I'm sure.. Unfortunately for you, no one gives a shit about a bunch of burn-outs.Yeah.. go ahead, resort to you're sandbox tactics. Hopefully, someday, some idiot you call out over there just sneaks by and firebombs the place when yer all passed out.

Chuck Zito
Chuck Zito

 which place? there is more than one clubhouse here. there are a few in the phoenix area and in tucson,flagstaff and skull valley,and yuma. are you urging or telling someone to commit a crime against us? are you a criminal? either way there is alot of us so i doubt the guy who comes after us will win or kill us all off. we have alot of young healthy members who dont seem to die very easy, i have witnessed it persoanlly.

Chuck Zito
Chuck Zito

 You cant be to burned out when your a Hells Angel and a Boxer like I am. look here and see  for yourself


 real hells angels do not write on here. even if you think they are low lifes and you hate them they still have standards they live by. and one of them is not to make the club looks like fools. if they did and if their brothers found out they might be beat up and kicked out out the club or killed. a hells angels member is not writing all this shit you guys are reading on here. get real you ignorant idiots.


yayayayamma.. I get it, HA members don't post here, or so Syco-bob wants me to believe. If that's true Syco, it's smart; because the "posers" on here are looking pretty pathetic.  Chuck, buddy; how's the acting going? I haven't seen you in anything recently. 

Still pissed off at the Sons of Anarchy "creators"? Did you get that 5 million in yuppie money when you used the law to sue 'em? I bet you'll buy some nice golf clubs with that bacon..And of course I'm not so morally corrupt that I would direct, advocate, or urge someone to commit a crime against you're old boys.. but they throw that address around so often, and there's a lot of crazy people out there, perhaps ya'll should be careful?

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