Texas Artist Selling an MRI of His Brain

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If you ever wanted a peek inside a creative brain, now might be your chance.

Esteban Peralta, a contemporary artists and editor of NeoAztlan, created a website to sell his new work, including a high-resolution DVD of his MRI brain scan ... all for the sweet sum of $2,300.

"I Think" is a 17-second, 1000-by-1000 pixel, 131 MB file that you can purchase on his website.

No word on plans to sell any future medical images or X-rays, but if $2,300 is a little out of your budget, you can grab one of his $100 limited-edition ink on cardboard pieces, printed: I am Sacrosanct.

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Esteban Peralta
Esteban Peralta

No bad press? :)

I appreciate the mention.

Your blog posting complements the work perfectly.

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