Lindz Lew's Bon Voyeur

Lindz Lew
Artist: Lindz Lew
Medium: mixed media sculpture
This sculpture represents the sanctity of home. The deer head on the exterior is typically displayed in the center of the home, over the fireplace, and is a direct result of man claiming the land and it's inhabitants as his own. Inside there are two mice having tea, showing the displacement of the natives to the land. The original inhabitants being forced out or slaughtered and put on display and replaced or gentrified to a tasteful cream and sugar society.

As an Arizona native I have seen many representations of home within this community. I have also witnessed the urban sprawl and destruction of the land. The disconnect between people and place is both a wonderful and terrifying display of urbanization and growth happening throughout the valley and this sculpture offers a window into the future as seen through the eyes of the native creatures. 
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Hells Angels Killer
Hells Angels Killer

that sculpture is a symbol of the Hells Angels. destroy it before it destroys us!

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