Walk to Work: A Daily Visual Survey of Phoenix

photo by Christine Cassano
Walk to Work isn't technically blog, but a collection of images taken by Phoenicians who, well, actually walk to work.

The page was started by local artist Kara Roschi, who's often seen giving walking tours around downtown Phoenix.

Since she started walking to where she works at Practical Art, she says she's stumbled across moments, found objects, and pieces of artwork that she's wanted to share.

And she hopes others will do the same.

"Walking to work (maybe incorporating the Light Rail, the bus system, or a bicycle) promotes good health, good environmental policy, and urban vibrancy," Roschi writes. "You get some fresh air and sunlight, exercise, and some extra space in your day to appreciate the details of the city."

photo by Kara Roschi
"A thoughtful Angela Cazel Jahn piece in the window of the Mill Ave post office."
"I decided I wanted to see what others see on their walks about town," she writes. "If you're interested in sharing your professional photos, your snapshots, your poloroids, hipstomatics, or other visual representations of your walks to work-- please 'Like' and post away!"

The page's contributors currently include local artists Christine Cassano and Catherine Slye, but the public invitation stands for those who see interesting things worth sharing (totally subjective, and totally cool).

Images can be submitted and shared once you like the Walk To Work Phoenix Facebook Page.

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