Tonight: Creative Connect Comes to Scottsdale

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Walter the Bus will be watching over tonight's Creative Connect sessions in Scottsdale.

It's said that nothing inspires creativity more than creativity itself. Hang out at your average First Friday for proof, as artists and other right-brainers will often discover inspiration in the colorful works of others.

Tonight's Creative Connect session will likely be a similar situation, with artists, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and other innovative types will be holding their monthly networking and brainstorming session and discussing ideas aplenty.

It certainly is being held in a rather creative setting. Namely, The Walter Dome in Scottsdale. Located near 64th Street and Thomas Road, the artsy and antique-looking garage that serves as the home base for Walter The Bus (aka. the 20-foot VW monstrosity seen at local art events).

Tonight's edition of the social gathering and gabfest will also feature student-created works from the ASU Visual Communication Design program's 20th anniversary senior showcase.

Entitled "Deconstructing Social Issues," the exhibit includes the efforts of 40 different students, each of whom created design projects that are focused on health and social concerns.

Creative Connect takes place tonight at 6 p.m. at The Walter Dome, 6425 East Thomas Road in Scottsdale. More info can be found here.

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