Pejazzling: A New Kind of Bling for Your Balls

Categories: Public Art
Bless the British men, who -- not to be outdone by their snaggle-tooth female counterparts -- are busy popularizing the pubic art of the pejazzle.

This week, Mark Wright, star of Britain's trainwreck television show The Only Way is Essex, became the head, er, face of the pejazzling trend, which much like the vajazzle, is the process of temporarily adhering small Swarovski crystals to skin below the belt.

Wright says the "stick-on crystals just for men" are best when the man's "area" is well-groomed.

Translation: you're going to have to wax your junk before going to any of the British salons already offering the service, or before swallowing your penis pride and purchasing an at-home pejazzle pack for less than $10 (now including barbed wire designs!).

How's that for your daily dose of dickoration?

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Twisted Tidings
Twisted Tidings

 I think people would look at you cock-eyed if you did this...


I think my friends will be HEAD OVER HEELS in LOVE WITH THIS. Going to order mine now. HUGS ALL!!!

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