Irma Sanchez's Phoenix Rising

irma sanchez phoenix rising.jpg
Irma Sanchez
Artist: Irma Sanchez
Medium: Mixed media illustration on Pantone paper

I created this because Phoenix is a lot about the bird: Growth, Rebirth, Growth. It takes a special type of individual to live in the desert, and Love has a lotto do with rebirth, so ... this is my way to honor Phoenix.

The countdown to Best of Phoenix begins! Last year, we profiled 100 Creatives who made a mark on the local arts scene. This year, we'll have 100 creative representations of Phoenix. No scope or requirement on medium or size -- we'll include photography, painting, sculpture, video, installation, literary, and more. What do you see when you Imagine PHX?

Imagine PHX, so far:

100: Steven Revering's Westward Ho
99: Jon Ashcroft's Suspended in Geography
98: William LeGoullon's Table
97. Jason Hill's Phoenix Financial Center

And, hey! It's lunch time. Check out Chow Bella's 100 Favorite Dishes for some foodie inspiration. 

Have a suggestion for a Phoenix icon by a local creative? Leave it in the comments section or email

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A refreshing break from all the typical tortilla art.........

Wayne Michael Reich
Wayne Michael Reich

So Claire,,, are you ever going to answer the question asked by a reader about your # 95 pick: Allison Elliott's Walls of Downtown Phoenix?

I was just wondering, since I have 5 bucks riding that says if you do respond, you'll just dodge the actual question and give a non answer,  just like that time when you were accused of fabrication in regards to one of your articles.

Remember that? I do!


(Claire's non-answers for both links are in the "comments" section, and they're classic.)

You never answered that reader back either.So, are you incapable of answering criticism from your readership base?

Waiting for an actual answer, and hoping to win five bucks,Wayne Michael Reichhttp://www.WayneMichaelReich.c...

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