Billboards Predict That Judgment Day is in Less Than Two Weeks

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Benjamin Leatherman
One of the numerous billboards around the Valley declaring that Judgment Day is on Saturday, May 21​.
Better quit cursing like a sailor, cutting off other drivers during rush hour, or cheating at Scrabble, since the Heavenly Father will evidently judge your eternal soul in less than two weeks time.

At least that's according to numerous religious-themed billboards that have popped up across the country (including several located around the Valley) predicting that Judgment Day will occur on Saturday, May 21.

"The Bible guarantees it," states one such billboard, which is located near the intersection of Roosevelt and Seventh streets. Similar advertisements can be found scattered throughout the metropolitan Phoenix area, each predicting that the rapture will occur 12 days from now

What's the story behind the prediction (or the significance of the date)? Before you start furiously fulfilling all those items on that bucket list, however, you should probably know the full story.
HigherUnion via Flickr
This is what May 21st might look like, if wingnut minister Harold Camping is to be believed.

​The billboards are the work of Family Radio, an ultra-conservative Christian broadcast network based out of Northern California run by 89-year-old fundamentalist minister and wingnut talk show host Harold Camping.

The company spent some major cash spreading the word that all righteous souls will be whisked away to a heavenly embrace on the evening on May 21, which is based on the divinations of Camping. According to the minister, the destruction of the world itself will then take place five months later on October 21.

What's his reasoning? Per the Family Life website (and the voices inside his head), the minister based his prophecy on a complicated series of mathematical calculations based upon the Hebrew calendar, portions of the bible, and divine revelation.

His prediction goes something like this: According to select verses from the New Testament, a thousand years are like one day in the eyes of the Christian god. Camping then believes that Heavenly Father told Noah after the great flood (which he claims happened on the date of May 21) that Judgment Day will occur seven "days" (or 7,000 years) hence.

This isn't the first time that Camping has declared that end of the world is nigh, as he erroneously predicted that the mankind's swan song was going to take place in September 1994. (He later blamed his mistake on a "mathematical error.")

If you're of the sort that believes such crackpot religious theories, the practical upshot of Camping's prediction is that it will happen on a Saturday, allowing folks one last Friday night filled with drinking and debauchery before their souls ascend to the sky.

The sinful sirens of local burlesque troupe Scandalesque (who probably would be left behind if The Rapture does come to pass) are even poking fun at the prophecy by holding an "End of Days" party that Saturday at The Duce. (Details can be found here.)

Here's hoping it's one helluva party.

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I know that there are many, MANY Christians who believe that a "Rapture" is indeed going to eventually occur, and that at some unknowable date millions of people all over the Earth are going to vanish into thin air, leaving only their clothes and their dentures behind. This sounds nutty enough. All Harold Camping has done is set a date. Does that somehow make him NUTTIER?

Not only is the so-called “Rapture” NOT going to occur on May 21st, it isn’t going to occur EVER. And I can promise you this with absolute 100% certainty. There will be no “Rapture,” no “Second Coming,” no “End Of Days.” There most certainly will continue to be wars, plagues, and natural disasters as there have always been, but there won’t be anything supernatural about them. And most importantly there is no such thing as “prophecy” … except for the self-fulfilling kind.

In a perverse sort of way, I actually WISH that Harold Camping was right! What an interesting day that would be! What would be even more interesting is if the Apocalypse were to occur in a more spectacular fashion, not in the anthropomorphical sense the authors of the "Left Behind" series have portrayed, but as more of a Stephen Spielberg production, with boiling clouds, trumpets, angels descending out of the sky, Moon turned to blood, the whole nine yards. Imagine coming to the realization that it was all coming true, just as the evangelists had been warning for years, and that there was something more awesome than just the cold, hard, physical reality we inhabit. Imagine actually watching people disappear into thin air! Wouldn't THAT be something???

Yet in the final analysis, it's that cold, hard, physical reality that I will content myself with. My life is not so meaningless that I need the fear of a "Rapture" and the "End Times" to make sense of it all ... nor do I need Heaven or Hell to bribe me into behaving decently, thank you very much.

Since the death of Jesus, people in every generation for over 2,000 years and hundreds of generations have wanted to be the one that experiences the end of days. None has. There must be a clue in there somewhere for you.

If you waited at a bus stop for 2,000 years, at what point would you conclude that the bus wasn't coming? Or would you just stand there … FOREVER … because somebody had stuck up a "bus stop" sign?

What's most disturbing about the Harold Camping phenomenom is that thousands of people across the country have quit their jobs, sold their possessions, and even left their families behind so that they could follow the Camping Caravan across the country, warning people about their impending DOOM. I hope for his own safety Harold Camping makes himself scarce on May twenty-SECOND, because there are going to be a lot of pissed-off people looking for him.


Mail them some kool-aid?


We should all being looking at this carefully and exaimining our heart. We all need to be like the people in Ninevah and cry unto God for mercy. We also need to carefully look at the language of "No One Knows". Proper Greek tense takes us to " No one Hath known" like we find in the YLT. It does not say no one will know. Also when it says no one, not even the Son. Son in Greek is not capitalized, it should be son. This is the son of perdition (satan) in view. Christ even says, I and the Father are one. We can not fully understand how God can be multiple personalities, but he is infinite God and must leave it at that.Also, God declares he is the same yesterday, to day, and forever (Hebrews 13:8) and he will not leave his servants in darkness.Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets

1 Thessalonians 5:4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.Read this in detail

J Curwen
J Curwen

I need to figure out how to convince these chumps to send me their money. They won't be needing it any more.

Emme Snnn
Emme Snnn

Harold Camping is a Devil. He has an agenda against the church because they Booted him out in 1988He is a horrlble Bible teacher and NOT OF GOD! Camping followers are blind(Camping is their God) SEE HERE http://haroldcamping-21.blogsp...


RICHARD: There is no such thing as prophecy. No "Judgment Day" on May 21st, May 19th, December 2012, or ANYTIME. There will continue to be wars and plagues and all manner of natural disasters as there always have been in Earth's 4.5 billion year history, but there's nothing remotely supernatural about it.

Get with the program. It's time to grow up, give up the superstitions, and learn to live in the real world.


what you are spreading is false junk, see you on may 22 and october 22

geir s
geir s

 Hi,This is the real News of the Revelation. Beware: anyone else saying they're bringing it,are false christ and false prophets.I alone am bringing the real Message. All others lie.Which is that:The day of Obama's victory news issue, the Lottery draw was 666 on Page 2, back-to-back with his victory headline news.Spread this news massively, everywhere, to reach all in the world, through all media, means and methods.Geir Smith. - My faith is Tibetan Tantric Buddhism and it’s god Kalachakra, which is the highest form of culture in the world, having Tantrism, sexual Yoga etc...Here are the pictures of 666 and the Lottery:Obama's victory in the front page headline news 2, with the Lottery in the lower left side of the Lottery section and 666, the Mark of the Beast making Obama the Antichrist. is the news of the Apocalypse.


So what makes Harold Camping any more of a "devil" than any other evangelist preaching about the "End Times?" Seems to me like EVERY preacher today is fighting for his own slices of the apocalyptic pie, while the rest of us who have learned to live in the REAL WORLD just try to stay out of their way. You don't need superstitions to live a good and decent and fulfilling life.


I would also add Camping isnt and never has been a minister, thats part of his whole image that churches are apostate/corrupt and arent of God,

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