ASU Undie Run: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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photo by Molly Smith
Three signs of a good Undie Run: tons of skin, a fairly decent girl/guy ratio, and not much running.

ASU students stripped down to their underwear last night and, well, ran around during the annual Undie Run held on the university's Tempe campus. (We'll excuse the corny name, if only because the event is the best chance for ASU students of all cool levels and shades of tan to look at each other in even less clothing than they wore to Psych 101 that morning.)

As with any event with hoards of people in their underwear, we showed up, we took a few notes, and we're back to report.

The Good's above, the Bad and the Ugly are after the jump, and the whole slideshow is right here.

photo by Molly Smith
Two signs of a bad undie run: never put pictures of cash where your junk is, and your friend's wearing two pairs of boxers, which makes the end of the night's "easy access" thing a little hard to accomplish.
photo by Molly Smith
One sign of an ugly undie run: ugly.

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