Goldfish Racing at Arcadia Tavern

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Thursdays mark Goldfish Racing at Arcadia Tavern.
Ryan Wolf
Goldfish Racing at Arcadia Tavern.
Every Thursday, Arcadia Tavern pulls out the fish tank and bar patrons pull out the straws. Tension is high, bubbles are blown, and the weekly Goldfish Racing begins.

Host Chance Stephens offers prizes including $25 gift cards to those who make it through the bracket-style competition. The evening also includes a variety of drink specials, a reverse happy hour and an all-too-clever fish and chips deal.

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Ryan Wolf
"The Pesky Pescado" prepares for his race.
The Place: 4801 E. Indian School Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85018

The Time: Every Thursday9 p.m.

The Cover: Free

The Parking: Lot. 

The Bar: Arcadia Tavern is distinctly divided -- part-restaurant and part-bar. The latter is a basic sports bar, complete with flat-screen televisions and a crew of young, female bartenders. On Thursdays, the tavern features $3.50 drafts, $4 well drinks, $5 you-call-its and $6 premium drinks. Goldfish Racing includes a thematic offering as well, $20 Fish and Chips with two Dos Equis draft pints. 

Ryan Wolf
Picking fish at Arcadia Tavern.
The Fish: Show up. Pick a fish. Name it. Grab a straw. Blow more bubbles at your fish than the other people. If you do that, you can win prizes such as a $25 gift card. This Thursday also included a Miller Lite towel and beach chair prizes. Typically, the evening includes two to three competitions, so if you lose the first round, stick around for half an hour or so and try again. 

The People: The majority of people were in their mid-20s. The vibe was that of a college bar -- about three years post-graduation.

The Style: A hodgepodge of casual (and even more casual). 

Ryan Wolf
The crowd at Goldfish Racing.
What we loved: Goldfish Racing at Arcadia Tavern has a sincerely fun atmosphere. The crowd is good, but not overwhelming. The drinks are pretty cheap, and most importantly, the fish are some of the fastest in town, according to one regular. 

What we didn't love: Things wrapped up a little early. They started breaking down the racetrack just a little past 11 p.m. So show up on time if you want to get a full evening's worth of racing. 

Are we going back? Quite likely. 

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Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson

This is simply mind blowing. I have never seen anything like this before. This is simply great but I would like to know if this will harm the fish or not? "Calling fishing a hobby is like calling brain surgery a job."

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