Poolside Gallery Opens Tonight at the Lexington Hotel

Categories: Events, Visual Art
Sneak Peek of the Poolside Gallery with work by Kyle Jordre (left) and Jenny Ignaszewski (right).
Tonight, local abstract expressionist Kyle Jordre and conceptual painter and sculptor Jenny Ignaszewski will open the doors to their Poolside Gallery inside the Lexington Hotel.

The two artists share the gallery and have their own studio spaces that face the hotel's outdoor pool, which means you can expect a ton of work on the walls, a few collaborations, and a post-art viewing snack or drink by the water from the hotel's pop-up restaurant, Cycle.

Jordre left his studio space along Grand Avenue earlier this year and joined Ignaszewski in a space created by hotel renovators and masterminds behind Habitat Metro, Feliciano Vera and Tim Sprague.

The Lexington will also play host to Cycle's Third Friday event, with food from Stada Bella food truck and art-inspired cocktails by Micah Olson (we also hear Jordre might have a few things in mind for the glasses).

The Gallery will be open from 4 to 10 p.m. and is located on the first floor. The Lexington Hotel is at 1100 North Central Ave. in Phoenix. For more information, check out the Poolside Gallery or Cycle websites.

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