Super Happy Funtime Burlesque: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and the Totally Bizarre (and Totally NSFW)

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Photo by Shawn Anderson
Three signs of a good burlesque: face paint, hula hoops, and finding a photo that's crop-able enough for the front page of this blog post.
Don't be fooled: Super Happy Funtime may sound like a kid friendly event, or something with a bouncy house. But the only things bouncing around during the racy, crazy burlesque show at The Duce on Saturday, were, well, not houses.

We stopped by to take a few fashionable notes (and plenty of photos). The Good's above, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Totally Bizarre are after the jump, and the entire bouncy slideshow is right here.

Two signs of a fashionably bad burlesque: there should have to be explanation here after "sexy jesus" underwear.
photo by Shawn Anderson

photo by Shawn Anderson
One sign of a fashionably ugly burlesque: when you'd pay the guy to put his clothes back on ...
Photo by Shawn Anderson
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