San Tan Wheelie Jam Rides into Phoenix

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Courtesy Tempe Bicycle Action Group
The inaugural Sn Tan Wheelie Jam is next weekend.
The first-ever San Tan Wheelie Jam is all about fun, and with beer, bikes and music, there won't be much room for error.

We asked the Tempe Bicycle Action Group (TBAG), which is organizing and receiving proceeds from the event, on April 23, what kind of beer would match best with a bike trick.

Joseph Perez, a member of TBAG, says that they will be serving five beers at the festival: HefeWeizen Wheat, Epicenter Amber Ale, Devil's Ale, Sunspot Gold and Hopshock IPA.

He makes the following suggestions:

If you can do a wheelie, then try a glass of Sunspot Gold.

If you can ride a tall bike, then Epicenter Amber Ale is for you.

If you can do a track stand, then you're a badass and you'd like Devil's Ale.

If you can spin your bars, then you're ready for Hopshock IPA.

If you can't do any of these tricks, then maybe you should stick with HefeWeizen.

The event will feature a number of trick-based demos like Foot Down and Slow Ride, Trials and Fixie and Roller Racing.

Ryan Guzy, president of TBAG, explains: "Foot down has everyone ride in circles in a tight group, the last person to put their foot down wins. In the slow race he last person across the finish line wins, no one can stop their bike completely and no one can put their foot down. Roller wars or roller racing is a stationary bike setup connected to a computer system, people can race head to head and the system records the winners."

There will also be a bike parade, bike polo, a custom bike show, and of course, the wheelie competition. The wheelie has been around since 1943, when the U.S. Army motorized Calvary was featured in Life Magazine performing the now iconic trick. At the Wheelie Jam it will be performed on bicycles, not motorcycles, but it's the same front-wheel-off-the-ground magic.

A number of bands, including Necronauts, Hello the Mind Control, and Liam and the Ladies, will take the stage throughout the day.

"Support the local community, all proceeds go to local non-profits. See established and up-and-coming local bands. Buy a beer brewed right here in the Valley. Get some great local food," Guzy says.

The San Tan Wheelie Jam is Saturday, April 23 from 10 a.m. to 4p.m. at Indian School Park in Phoenix.

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I had so much fun Hope the first time wont be the last time !!!!


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WEAR A COSTUME ! Bicycle Parade at 11:00 am !


definitely won't be the's just the beginning

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