Recycled Sex Toy Hoodies

Great news for all those looking to be mistaken for a blow-up sex doll from the back (or front), recycled sex toy hoodies are here.

The plastic jackets that beg for some sort of sexual harassment are the creation of Dutch artist Sander Reijgers, and may be the only item of clothing in our Don't Wear That series that probably will get you laid ... or at least your jacket.

The 31-year-old writes that his goal is to "remove the sexual function of the dolls by turning them into a jacket or a bag. In this way, the doll can 'feel' by performing a normal day-to-day task, rather than through sex."


You can check out the whole series on Reijgers' website, and while the (uni)sex jackets aren't yet for sale, we're just glad they finally came, er, arrived on the runway.

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They lack one thing. They should get Brock and his daughter Susan to model these. Just think, you can spin 'em around 180 degrees and still have the same action ...Games for Adults

Gooberbaby amount of washing can get that clean enough...


They're missing a trick. They should get Susan Brock and her daughter to model these. Just think, you can spin 'em around 180 degrees and still get the same action...

Brittanie Shey
Brittanie Shey

I kinda dig the look but I bet they'd be sweaty.

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