Work Begins on the Oasis Hotel, Soon-to-Be Artist-Friendly Apartment Complex

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oasis hotel on grand.JPG
Benjamin Leatherman
The Oasis Hotel on Grand Avenue, which is about to get major remodeling from developer Timothy Sprague.
The old Oasis Hotel on Grand Avenue is getting a major makeover. 

The permits and plans for renovation on the vacant motor lodge, at Roosevelt Street near Trunk Space and the Bikini Lounge, has been an ongoing battle for developers and architects. But work started on the lodge's balconies last week, and plans for the currently seedy property include a hip apartment complex called Oasis on Grand.

Real estate developer Timothy Sprague (also behind Portland Place Condominiums) and his firm Habitat Metro are behind the $5 million project, which will create 60 affordable live-work spaces for artists and creative types. 

Oasis on Grand will be similar, in most respects, to Holgas. Plans include a variety of studio and one-bedroom apartments that will function as both studio-galleries and living spaces. According to Sprague, the spaces will rent for $400 to $700, and more than a dozen of the ground-level apartments along Roosevelt Street can function as galleries open to the public.

"What we envision is that the artists on the bottom floor can turn their living rooms into personal studio-galleries," he says. "I love the idea of seeing a bunch of new galleries opening along Roosevelt open every First Friday."

Sprague says the remodeling will take approximately six to eight months to complete, with a grand opening happening sometime in the late fall.

caravan inn west.jpg
hmdavid on Flickr
The Oasis Hotel during its days as The Caravan Inn West in the 1960s.

The Oasis began life as the Caravan Inn West in 1960, one of the many colorful motor hotels that sprung up along Grand Avenue when the thoroughfare was the primary route for motorists to get from Phoenix to Los Angeles or Las Vegas.

It later reopened as the Oasis Hotel in 1971, but fell into serious decline over the next four decades, becoming something a seedy flophouse before closing down in 2007.

Sprague says that several "common area" spaces at the new Oasis will serve as a community-oriented studio and gallery, and there will also be tree-lined courtyard area for special events.

The adjacent Grand Corral restaurant and lounge will also be remodeled simultaneously, although it's currently undecided whether the building will function as an eatery or bar.

Sadly, there are no plans to excavate the old swimming pool that dates back to the property's days as the Caravan Inn West and has since became a parking lot.

"Sorry to say, the swimming pool will stay a thing of the past."

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I grew up there moved in there when I was 6 months old my mom went to prision n my aunt started to work there n I seen n learned a lot of street smart but there was a lot of deaths shooting suicides and overdosees but end of story a lot of food happen there too . I met people who still to this day I see n call family but about the green eyed ghost I do no there's a lot of evil down there n may peace be with all them

 so happy to hear that the permits are approved. this will be a fabulous turn around for that corner.

Chronicles Of Ronicle
Chronicles Of Ronicle

the oasis hotel, i would say a black hole. if you were a employe there you would have a better understanding of what is meant when i say black hole. i hope you people have knowledge of the many souls still trapped within the walls beware of the green eyed monster who dwells in the grand corral.good luck may God be with you

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