Cowtown Skateboards' PHX AM: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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photo by Maria Vassett
Three signs of a fashionably good skate jam: white t-shirt (good for the stains), beanie (despite the heat), and pulling such a cool trick that we don't really care what you're wearing.
Cowtown Skateboards hosted its annual skateboard jam over the weekend and invited local boarders and fans to watch the pros (and each other) pull a few tricks and compete for prizes.

The event, held at Desert West Skateboard Plaza, was full of expected and unexpected fashion statements from boarders and spectators alike, and while we checked out the competition and cheered for our favorites, we also took a few notes, in good humor.

Check out the Good above, the Bad and Ugly after the jump, and the real action in the PHX AM slideshow.
photo by Maria Vassett
Two signs of a fashionably bad skate jam: not being able to see where your board is because your hair's in the way, and dude, brown and black?
photo by Maria Vassett
One sign of a fashionably ugly skate jam: yeah, we get it's sunny, but the sun hat's got to go.

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