The Clap-Off Bra: Because it Really Needed to Be That Much Easier

Teenage boys and bedroom amateurs alike, please hold your applause -- we're going to try to keep these two large, hideous triangles of fabric from automatically unhinging and potentially injuring you and the poor girl you've most likely definitely bribed to wear that thing, and enter your apartment.

And while we have your attention, listen up: Do yourself a favor and learn how to unclasp the two or three stupid hooks on the back of any normal, functional bra without having to fumble around like an idiot because you're a) rusty or b) asexual.

Sure, that's a little harsh, but you'll thank us later when you don't have to buy (or make) your "girlfriend" the Clap-Off Bra, manufactured by a San Francisco-based designer who thought fixing a USB cable, circuit board, and 9V battery to a pair of his mom's shoulder pads with an ugly-ass bow would really do the trick.

(No word on whether he'll have to create clap-off pants to ever be able to get past second base.)

While the design's not yet for sale (though you can contribute to the project via kickstarter), the designer shows how he made the above monstrosity, complete with "try-this-at-home" instructions. Just be sure to check out the slightly NSFW informational video below to see what you're really getting into ...

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This device clap-off is not for grannies well. It is for girls with style geek who like to integrate technology in their clothing choices. This is the bra clap-off, and it is fabulous.

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California Esccorts
California Esccorts

Uhh yeah, no one is going to buy that. The clapper sucks and all it can turn on or off is lights or something. Imagine your bra just coming undone at random times.

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They've had "Snap-Off" bras for years. (use one hand and snap your fingers and viola), with a little practice, you won't even have to get her shirt off first.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

I think the whole thing about women needing to wear bras is nothing more than creating another useless garment to make money. I fully support women's right to not wear any top when a male isn't also wearing a top...

Naked is sexy, nearly naked is very sexy...


I agree that women should have a 'topless option' anywhere men do, but as for bras being useless, well... you don't have breasts, obviously... even small ones can get heavy and gravity does some pretty nasty things to them!

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Medically, I think I do possess man boobs, Donna. Yes, I've been around ladies and some guys as well, who definitely need support...

I was being mostly just a smartass.... and male pig kinda guy... :-)

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