Learn to Make Marijuana-Infused Foods with "Baked!"

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Polly Cooper
Polly Cooper's canna butter.

Some time this spring, Greenway University plans to open a campus in the Valley, and offer a variety of courses related to the medical marijuana industry. In Colorado, GU offers the first-ever state-approved course in cooking medical marijuana edibles. Pending approval in Arizona, Greenway University would like to offer cannabis cooking classes at their Phoenix campus, as well.

In the meantime, people interested in learning how to make a variety of foods from marijuana should visit the "Baked!" column on our food blog, Chow Bella.

"Baked!" is written by an accomplished local baker, writing under the pseudonym Polly Cooper. Cooper wishes to remain anonymous until the medical marijuana law is in effect, but she's not shy about sharing some fantastic cannabis-based recipes. In her first blog, she details how to make canna butter, an important ingredient in any baked marijuana goods (she calls it "key to cooking with marijuana").

Her recipe for marijuana-infused caramel corn includes canna butter, along with adjusted ingredient amounts for medical marijuana patients who have chronic pain. Like the caramel corn, her recipe for a Cannabis Cinnamon Twist looks absolutely delicious, and not too difficult to make (she makes use of puff pastry, which she calls "one of the most versatile" and "delicious things on the planet").

For people interested in serving up some "special" beverages, Cooper's latest "Baked!" blog delves into how to make a marijuana-infused coffee she calls Cafe Mary Jane. It's a fresh take on cannabis-infused beverages, which tend to be teas more often than coffees.

Cooper doesn't just share recipes, but important insights like "save your stems" (you can use them in your canna butter to save buds) and figuring out how much marijuana to add to the milk for the aforementioned Cafe Mary Jane.

Aspiring bakers will be able to learn more if Greenway University gets cooking courses approved in Arizona, but in the meantime, "Baked!" is the next best thing to a cannabis cooking show. Hungry yet?

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Greenway University is a complete scam, they are a band of crooks from the mortgage business who are bent on taking over this business, DO NOT wast your time and money with them, they will rob you! These people know nothing about what they are teaching and are out for money, that’s it!Marc Kent is a executive director with Greenway University. He is a ex lawyer that was convicted of insurance fraud in California. One of the largest cases of fraud with many attorneys he recruited and then ratted on in the end to save his own ass.

It is true that Marc Kent has helped set up over 200 collectives in Southern California. Do you want to know what happened to the vast majority of these collectives he set up?? They got raided or shut down. He charged people $3500 or more to fill out a couple of sheets of paper at the LA business license office. He could not represent people as a lawyer because he was disbarred. He acted as a consultant that once the money was paid he was gone. Would you like to know how many collective owners are livid with his services. A lot….. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Greenway University…. Bad karma and bad business ethics all around.

Rainforest Collective in Los Angeles has some of the worst weed in LA…. Check out weedmaps and read the reviews for yourself.

Also the CEO Gustavo ESCAMilla is one of the crooks in the mortgage industry who ran a fraudulent refinance factory that was shut down by the feds.

Buddah x Tracts
Buddah x Tracts

nice job,People always say"throw away your stems therre's no THC in them,thanks for proving them wrong finally!!

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