What Goes On and What Takes Place: Four Women Artists Working

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photos courtesy of the artists
Sue Chenoweth (top left), Carolyn Lavender (top right), Mary Shindell (bottom left), and Monica Aissa Martinez (bottom right)
A year ago, local artists Monica Aissa Martinez, Carolyn Lavender, Mary Shindell, and Sue Chenoweth had seen each others' work in galleries around town, but never imagined working together. On Saturday, the women met to discuss their upcoming collaborative project over tacos, burritos and a ton of salsa.

The four women joined efforts in April as part of an experiment by Martinez, who says she was done waiting and hoping for an excuse to talk with a few of her favorite artists. Martinez did some planning and made a few phone calls; months later, a four-artist show was born.

Their project, What Goes on and What Takes Place, will culminate in an exhibition at  Modified Arts in February, which feels like quite a ways away. So while we wait for the women to paint, cut, paste and create, we can read all about their progress on their blog.

photos courtesy of the artists
work by Sue Chenoweth (top left), Carolyn Lavender (top right), Monica Aissa Martinez (bottom left), and Mary Shindell (bottom right).

Martinez, the blog's main author, posts images, conversations, and explanations of challenges they face while collaborating.

"The artist and community member in me wants to reach out and expand," says Martinez. "Blogging is interactive, which is exciting, and it creates, connects, and supports the (arts) community and our project."

Through their posts, we're able to catch glimpses of Chenoweth's sporadic schedule, Shindell's pen tip collection, Lavender's natural inspirations and Martinez' experiences in bringing them all together.

"We are working together as artists ... and we're strengthening and supporting individual creativity," says Martinez. "It's productive and respectful. It wouldn't be a bad thing if the current political climate could take the lesson."

See more behind the scenes and read more about each artist on their blog, What Goes on and What Takes Place.

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I am interested! I am a woman artist...patriciajensen.com do you have room?

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