Jason Rudolph Peña For Team Coco

rudy pena does coco.jpg
Painting by Jason Rudolph Peña
Local painter Jason Rudolph Peña liked Conan O'Brien so much he decided to paint him when Conan's show was on hiatus early this year. He writes on his blog:

I was always on [Conan's] side during the late night wars and I hate to see his show get destroyed by NBC. But I am hopeful. I know Conan will return and be better than ever. I can't wait.

Until then, I will keep cool, my babies.
Turns out Conan and his Team Coco saw Peña's painting (months after the show was moved to TBS) and included it in the show's latest commercial.

What really made us drool was the painter's time-lapse video of himself painting the late-night comedian that we found on Phoenix Taco. Check it out after the jump ...

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jason it's lisa, I want to know what other art work you have for sale? hope your having great holidays.


That's AWESOME! Jason is one of the most amazing painters!

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