10 Dysfunctional Film Families That'll Make You Feel Better About Your Own

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Spanking the Monkey, 1994

The only thing you have to know about this movie is that a guy has sex ... with his mom.

Welcome to the Dollhouse, 1995

Another indie gem, this oddly hilarious movie follows a girl living out her unattractive awkward stage in a family that totally hates her. It's true. Little sister is adorable while older brother is smart and well-respected. The moral? If you want your family to love you, don't be ugly and stupid.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape, 1993

So the plot goes like this: dreamboat Johnny Depp has a dreamboat (albeit mentally handicapped) little brother played by a young Leonardo DiCaprio and they live in an impossibly small town. Little sister is a slutty teenager and Mom is ... well, she's enormous. So big, in fact, that she (spoiler alert) dies from walking up the stairs for the first time in decades. Instead of burying her, they just burn the whole house down. It's a fine thing to do as a family, it is.

Home for the Holidays, 1995

It's a delightful story about a single mom who heads to her parents' house for some quality family time with her adult siblings. Fights break out, secrets are revealed and the cat pukes on her (among other horrific moments). It's pretty freaking hilarious and will make your family's awfulness feel completely average.

The Shining, 1980

Things might be pretty effed up at your Thanksgiving table but come on, it can't possibly be worse than the Torrances. Mealy-mouthed mom is pathetically isolated as her spooky son talks to a clairvoyant imaginary friend. Dad is a miserable fuck who succumbs to the influence of a bunch of ghosts who convince him to try and hack up his own family. This all goes down after he makes out with a dead, rotting naked woman. We doubt your family horror story can top that.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre
, 1974
Your grandpa may be a racist who farts at the dinner table but at least he doesn't try to kill you with a hammer.

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Gurn Blanston
Gurn Blanston

>> Your grandpa may be a racist who farts at the dinner table but at least he doesn't try to kill you with a hammer.

YOUR grandpa, maybe.


Your comments about Streisand proves just how immature you are.


The Streisand bit was my favorite part. I actually laughed OUT LOUD! :) Still laughing actually. :) Your comment about the Streisand part proves just how little of a sense of humor you have. :)

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