Stickers, Wheat Pastes, Stencils, and Spraypaint on Urban Art Attack

Categories: Fun, Visual Art
The ASU grads who started Spraygraphic -- the creative social networking forum/website -- are back at it with their very own street art blog.

Urban Art Attack features graffiti, wheat pastes, stencils, stickers, and murals in Brooklyn, Paris, Barcelona, Los Angeles, and yes, even in Phoenix. 

The blog's in a tumblr-like format, where the majority of the content is a collection of large images that are then linked to the artist's main Spraygraphic page or the website where the image was found.

Chuck Banaszewski and Matt Krise started Spraygraphic in 2005, and launched Urban Art Attack in 2007.

They welcome submissions and recommendations, and encourage artists to create profiles on Spraygraphic, so they can link posts to artists' pages. It's all about street art and due credit, and that makes us very happy indeed. 

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