Phoenix Fashion Week Kicks Off with a Pink Carpet, Black Leggings and Boob-Holding Buckle Tops

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Photo by Jessica VanZalen

Phoenix Fashion Week kicked off the first shows for its sixth year at the W hotel in Scottsdale Thursday night. The event, benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure Phoenix, raised funds and awareness to fight breast cancer.

Check out some highlights (and low lights) from the shows and a continuing fashion week schedule after the jump...

Photo by Jessica VanZalen.
Models close the (predictably) über-trendy Forever 21 show.
​The night started with the Be Fashionably Pink fashion show featuring local celebrities and breast cancer survivors.

Models included Arizona Cardinal Tim Hightower, Miss Arizona, and "American Idol" contestant Brooke White.

Photo by Jessica VanZalen
Designs at Mariska mix "sexy" and "granny" on the runway.
Established designer shows kicked off around 8:20 p.m. and featured designs from Forever 21, Evan Golf, Local Celebrity, Allyce King Swim, AhKoukla, Mariska, and Black Russian Label. 

There were the expected hits and misses. Forever 21 was exceptionally styled, which we expected given its established brand name and accessory line, but surprise standouts included Audrey Hepburn-esque preppy tops with black leggings and flats from Evan Golf and sugary sweet swimwear from Allyce King.
russian black label look1.jpg
Photo by Jessica VanZalen
Short shorts and high boots by Russian Black Label.

These looks were of course fashionably tame compared to the booty-baring bottoms and Ugg-like boots (why must this trend continue?) and boob-holding buckle tops from Black Russian Label

If you're heading out tonight or Saturday, check out the schedules below:

(Red Carpet is 6 to 7 p.m., shows scheduled to start at 8 p.m.)

Friday Night: 

Kiss the Girl Clothing

Femme Athletic

Seam Ripper

Badb Apparel

Domino Jeans

Masquenada Swim

Timothy Maurice

Fender Clothing

Emerging Designers:

SJ Couture




A shiny buckle-top (ouch?) by Black Russian Label

Saturday Night:

Blaque Label

7 Diamonds

Nymph Fashions

Jean Paul Jeune

Oday Shakar

Emerging designers:

Couture by Lola

Mary Jane Smokewear

Noctis Threads

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Attended Phoenix Fashion Week and Noctis Threads is an outstanding new line ,Comfortable and yet stylish look. Created by John Zukie

Love fashion
Love fashion

I went to the shows during Phoenix Fashion Week and they were amazing. And Leroux, to make those kind of comments even if you did help the styling director, makes you look like an idiot. All good stylist have assistants to put away clothes and help with a big pull. When was the last time Rachel Zoes assistants got credit when they helped with a big pull?


Wow! Someone is a little jealous of all of Celestial's success. Of course she probably had a couple of assistants with her. But you can tell that that is Celestial's style all the way. She has impeccable taste. To all the haters, grow up!

Oh, and yes, Karma is with her...she has all kinds of huge opportunities that are coming her way.

With all great success stories...there will always be jealousy...don't worry Celestial, we know the truth!!


The Forever 21 Show was styled by Celestial Williams, Styling Director for Phoenix Fashion Week.


Not true, sorry! She had 2 styling assistants who spent 4 hours walking around that huge Chandler store pulling clothing from the racks and walls!!! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!!!!


Also, loved how she deleted me cause she tried making me look like a fool on the PINK CARPET! Karma will get her, no need to wish evil upon her.


More pics!!!! THanks!

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