Phoenix Fashion Week's Emerging Designer John Zukie on His Brand, Noctis Threads

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Male models sport Noctis' "LP," a basic polo shirt with the owl mascot. Model in purple wears the brand's "Owl Wreath Tee" and model in blue shows off the "Glam Wreath Tee."
Phoenix Fashion Week is back and in keeping with its mission of developing young designers, the sixth-annual event has a new batch of 10 emerging designers.

Noctis Threads is part of this year's break through lineup.

John Zukie, a graphic designer from Brooklyn, and Andy Higgins, a musician from California are the men behind the brand. They have combined their talents to create clothing that is stylish and comfortable.

The pair met in Arizona, as neighbors and now work out of their office in Tempe. The company is entirely U.S.-based, with its fabric coming from American Apparel and screen-printing and designs done locally.

The team is gracious for the support they have received from locals and look forward to debuting their brand during fashion week. "It's good to see a town that believes in itself (its people) so much," Zukie says.

Find out what Zukie had to say about the Noctis brand, the team's inspiration and future ventures, after the jump...

Describe your brand in one word. Comfort.

Where do you draw inspiration? People and things around me -- family and friends. I keep my mind open and whatever comes to me comes to me. I don't like to be tied down to one thing. For this line I took a lot of inspiration from Native American art. I also take a lot of inspiration from Andy Higgins. It's funny because he's very West Coast and I'm very East Coast. We're very similar in a lot of ways but very different too. We like to push one another and we're always bouncing ideas off of each other. He is responsible for a lot of the creativeness as well.

Who do you design your clothing for? Where we come from we don't like to limit our clothing to one person. We don't want to eliminate anyone. Our clothing can be for youth to someone age 35. We try to keep ourselves (and our designs) as open-minded as possible.

What can we expect to see from the company during Phoenix Fashion Week? We will be there with our booth doing sales. On the runway we will have a wide variety -- from panties and socks to embroidered hoodies and hats. We have men and women's clothing. We're hoping to attract a lot of people. Some may be expecting to see just a t-shirt line, but we have a lot more than that.

What's next for Noctis? I like a lot of typography. I think as the line progresses, we'll be mixing art with typography, putting messages where messages can be put and remaining as positive as possible.

Check out Noctis Threads' runway show on Friday, Oct. 8.

Emerging Designers shows will begin at 10:30 p.m. on the W Scottsdale Wet Deck, Runway #2. Alcohol will be served and no one under the age of 21 will be admitted.

Emerging Designer runway schedule:

Thursday: Vickylyn's Closet, Style' Noel, Monique Fragre
Friday: Mary Jane Smokewear, Couture by Lola, Noctis
Saturday: SJ Couture, Coleccion, Shamini, Shantidas

For a full schedule of events and ticket information, visit the official Phoenix Fashion Week website.

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Wow that's pretty impressive facts weirdo. However that is correct I did move from NY to PA at that age. Still does not change the fact that I'm a Graphic Designer that was in fact born in Brooklyn New York. This article does not say anywhere in it that I lived on the streets of NY all my life. It just says I'm from there and when your born someplace that makes it your place of origin aka where your from. lol nameless haters are the best!


HAHA! "A graphic designer from Brooklyn" He moved from Brooklynn to Williams Township Pennsylvania in fourth grade! He was 9 when he lived in Brooklynn!

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