Wedding Abominations...This is Truly Awful, Folks

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You're going to want to keep that cart at "0."
We know darn well we aren't the first to do a blog post about some of the awfulness that can happen on

So, in keeping with our ongoing wedding coverage, we've taken inspiration from (whose author is also a bride-to-be, check out her most recent column on to provide this visual journey of some of the worst wedding-related items has to offer.

Drop the "i" and this makes perfect sense.

these kinds of things always look so good on a creepy mannequin.JPG
On your wedding day, take style advice from someone who chose this mannequin.

made special for ladies who don't trim their fingernails.JPG
Made for that special bride who doesn't own a pair of nail clippers.

they'll be best friends after they're humiliated together.JPG
Because nothing brings two people closer than feeling humiliated together.

think this is bad take a look at the guy on the right.JPG
Think this is bad? Just take a look at the guy on the right.

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I am still baffled by this whole tiny hat thing. These were obviously made for to torture small dogs. Who was the idiot that thought a human should wear it?

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