Dayglow, "America's Largest Paint Party": The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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photo by Maria Vassett
Three signs of a good paint party: a decent girl-to-guy ratio, a venue warm enough to warrant shirt rolling/removing, and smeared mascara.
What do you get when you pack the Marquee full of ravers dressed in white, get the DJs spinning, and dump a few hundred gallons of neon paint on the crowd? We'll give you a hint: A ton of techno-loving hipsters chucking paint at each other in questionable attire.

Over the weekend, we checked out Dayglow, "America's Largest Paint Party." The Good's above, the Bad and the Ugly are after the jump and our full Dayglow slideshow is right here ...

Photo by Maria Vassett
Two signs of a bad paint party: Too much clothing (In this case, WTF ... we can't even see your face.), and "hanging loose" nowhere near the beach. P.S. Just because the photographer is taking a picture doesn't mean you have to be the creepy person in the background.
Photo by Maria Vassett
One sign of an ugly paint party: Yes, you're supposed to wear clothes you don't mind ruining, but it's no excuse to wear the fugly hemp/puka-shell necklace you really shouldn't care about ... And is that paint in your mouth? Party foul.

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