Ashley Eaton's "Be Kind"

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eatontattoo copy.jpg
Courtesy of Ashley Eaton
Name: Ashley Eaton
Age: Now: 24, When I got it: 23

My Lip Piece:
Says "Be Kind". I went through a pretty wicked break up with this guy who was just a total bummer ... about life in general. He really brought me down so after the break I really wanted to do something for myself, something to signify a fresh start.

I am generally a super rosy, loving person, I just lost myself for a while. I wanted to remind myself to be positive and happy and loving; it also helps me to recognize just how lovely and amazing the world can be.

Check out Eaton's mark after the jump ...
ashley eaton's be kind_500.jpg
Courtesy of Ashley Eaton
My Side Piece is a few flowers with buttons and lace and an embroidered looking "E".

What's your next tattoo? I have been dying to get the words "Make Do and Mend" with three buttons on my inner bicep. It was a slogan used back in WWII when they were trying to get folks to be resourceful with what they had and be conscious about their consumption. I think it really signifies the DIY ethic; something I am super passionate about.

Know of a few creative marks? Send us your photos/suggestions.

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Kerrie D.
Kerrie D.



Love Ashley's tattoo! She is such a sweet soul.

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