Arizona Fetish Ball: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Categories: Fashion

photo by Ryan Wolf
Marks of a good fetish ball: red tops, bending over, batons, and fire (duh).

Old Town Scottsdale put on its leather chaps and ball gag this Saturday in honor of the Arizona Fetish Ball, where all were welcome to let their inner, kinky selves loose. Given: The fashion element at any fetish event is questionable. But we stopped by, checked it out and took a few notes.

The good's above, and brace yourself for Bad and Ugly (after the jump) ... and if those don't fulfill your every fetish desire, we have an entire Fetish Ball slideshow right here.

photo by Ryan Wolf
Marks of a bad fetish ball: Actually, there are WAY too many jokes about marks and bad balls here.
photo by Ryan Wolf
Marks of an ugly fetish ball: thinking of, dressing (and melting) for a fetish ... no one has.
photo by Ryan Wolf
Marks of a disturbing fetish ball: Other than the obvious? Wigs ... that aren't just for the dolls.

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