PBR Mural No More?

Photos taken June 3 (above) and August 13 (below)
We first noticed the Pabst Blue Ribbon mural at 222 E. Roosevelt St. in June. Today it's a deep shade of red (though you can still make out the two "beer angels").

The mural and PBR campaign has received a share of tagging backlash in the past few months. We have a call in to the PBR marketing department to see if they're responsible for painting over the mural.
In the meantime, does anyone know what happened?

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Eric Iwersen
Eric Iwersen

I kinda like how you can faintly see the mural thru the coat of red


I am the mother of the artist, Keegan who did the original painting for a PABST contest held annually. I remember when his painting was chosen from a Nationwide contest by PABST in 06-07, and how excited he was to win honorable mention. Keegan passed away in March of 09', he truly would have been very proud of his artwork being displayed. So I write this with a VERY HEAVY HEART. I am VERY proud of what my son accomplished in his short lifetime and I find the comment rude and disrespectful! He was an accomplished artist and is known for his artwork around the valley and around the United States. I find it disgusting of who ever tagged his art; even though it was painted on the building by another artist and does not exactly appear as his painting did. Apparently all the artistic talent the person(s) that tagged it had was called an anonymous face and a bad ability at graffiti with a cheap spray can. That being said; NO ONE has the right to deface artwork NOR billboards. That is called VANDALISM. So wether you agree with what is up there or not, defacing it IS WRONG!

The walls were not meant to be permanent, Keegan’s wall was to be covered over on August 8th.

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