Parking Fees to be Enforced at Local Trails

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Lilia Menconi
This will no longer be free.
Looks like the days of free hiking in Phoenix are soon to be over.

At least, if you happen to frequent North Mountain Park, Phoenix Mountains Park and Recreation Area (yes, this includes Piestewa Peak), Dreamy Draw Recreation Area, Echo Canyon area of Camelback Mountain, or the Pima Canyon area of South Mountain Park.

The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department has plans to install self-pay meters at the listed parks. A one-day pass will cost $2. Six-month and annual passes will be available for $50-$75.

The fees apply to the five most popular hiking areas in town and, according to The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department, all revenue will fund the parks which may result in park trail maintenance, longer park hours, outdoor programs, and increased park ranger staff.

November 2010 is the tentative date for the meter installations.

More information can be found at

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John Romeo Alpha
John Romeo Alpha

One more excellent reason to ride a bicycle to, and/or around, the parks you mention.

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