Old Spice Man Gives Advice on Manhood, Answers Mantastic Questions

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Today is a good day.

Isaiah Mustafa
, aka the Man Your Man Could Smell Like, aka the Old Spice man you wish your man was, is fielding questions and streaming responses this afternoon on Reddit.com.

You may have missed the opportunity to chat him up when he was studying history and playing football with his friend, Jake Plummer, at Arizona State University, but now you (and every other girl/guy in love with the six-pack abs) have a few hours of thousands-on-one time.

Now, we're going to get back to the eight-layer chocolate cake just brought in for one of our writer's birthday.

Told you it was a good day.

(check out a few of his video responses and a picture of massive cake after the jump...)

Check out more Old Spice mantastic mangasms here

Now, drumroll ...

Claire Lawton

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